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Hope Heals & The Journey of reversing homelessness.

—01: Annett

Annett moved to the Walla Walla Valley years ago as a single mother with three growing children. When she arrived in the valley, her new landlord announced that he had sold his house instead. With no warning, and no protection, Annett was homeless. She ended up living in her RV for three long years. For her, it was soul crushing, no father for the three young ones, no job,  and now no place to call home. Annett tried to find work, but many employers refused to hire her without a permant residental address. This took a toll on her mental health. Finally, after three long years, she got into a house and regained traction. In the end, she started Hope Heals to help more people like her reclaim their lives.

“Homelessness is easily the biggest issue faced by the Walla Walla Valley, and Annett is the forefront of the solution.”

—02: Our Strategy

Annett’s story highlights the biggest issues within our systems for the homeless. Many would like to pursue jobs, restart their careers, but the stigma surrounding homelessness prevents advancement. Hope Heals changes all of this. We take the families that are trying to get off the street and when they are put in houses, we help transform those spaces into homes. Many homeless cannot afford the necessities required to maintian and retain their homes, we help change that. At the forefront is Annett, who knows homelessness better than anyone else.

—03: Be the Change

Our system is transforming our valley. Our first year of operation was in 2013. We helped 2 people. In 2014 we helped 28 people, a huge growth. In 2015 we helped 321 poeple, representing a massive scale change, and finally in 2016 we helped 2031 people, an incredible transformation. With our ever expanding scope, Hope Heals needs the involvment of everyone. Homelessness isn’t an individual issue, it’s a community issue, and it takes a community to solve it. So let’s band together and transform the Walla Walla valley homeless community into a homed family, one at a time. 



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